"Dreams come true, we form     dreams"

We design and realize the wishes of our customers with integrated projects that take into account the originality and quality of architecture, the attractive and unique design customized, technologically advanced, high quality imprinted on environmental sustainability, the domestic home comfort, and energy savings and safety.

All key in hand.

We build prestigious real estate

Projects and achievements are treated in detail by architect Giuseppe Polifroni who is also the sole director of the Company, and his highly qualified technical staff is able to develop any kind of project both for public and private use.

Our team consists of architects, designer, engineers, surveyors, experts, technicians etc... With the help of advanced hardware and design software, the team is able to develop complex projects environment-friendly, technologically advanced. Is very important organize processes acts to the creation of spaces for which man can perform specific tasks such as residential, working, recreation, cure, relax, etc. 

We Design

We design and realize with the principles of bio-architecture and techniques of green building with tradition construction systems, prefabricated and mixed. Projects provide construction with minimum environmental impact, the restructuring, the recovery and restoration of properties in respect of: traditional values, the current regulations with particular attention to the maximum comfort housing Inside, the energy saving, the use of materials and traditional and ecological, the use of new materials, techniques, technologies, innovative systems and leading-edge.


With our structure, our network of highly qualified partners, suppliers and installers are able to accomplish much technologically advanced environmentally friendly complex projects, that is to use public private with high energy performance to 'nearly zero energy' or 'energy more‘ that is capable of producing more power than is consumed.

In recent years we have completed numerous projects with our full satisfaction and that of our clients.


The strengths of our projects and our achievements are:

 - architectures of quality and environmentally sustainable by original design and      unique

 - integrated projects and custom energetically self-reliant

 - maximum housing interior comfort in a healthy environment, functional, safe        and beautiful

 - use of natural materials, and innovative environmentally friendly

 - facilities to High Security and anti-seismic

 - application of the principles of bio-architecture and green building techniques

 - Independence and Energy Self-sufficiency, building to 'nearly zero energy' or            'more Energy ‘

 - systems and technology vanguard construction

 - innovative systems and installations, integrated Automation home control

 - low Consumption, maximum efficiency, significant economic benefit and                  minimum management costs


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